Every wedding planning gives us new experiences, new challenges. We have all had our fair share of the infamous bridezillas who either expected us wedding planners to play God, or else they think we also happen to be the Prime Minister of the country! But to the clients who have made the entire process a wonderful one for us too, we would like to express our sincere gratitude – for your trust in us, for your patience, for your understanding, for WORKING TOGETHER with us to make your day a memorable one for you and for us, but most of all – for being a friend even after the wedding is over. The moments we have had planning your wedding was sheer joy and reminder of what’s great about our jobs.

Su Lyn & Nick, December 2011

The bride was superbly meticulous and organized thus making our job a lot easier. What's even better was how she put herself in our shoes and tried to make it as easy on us as possible (how thoughtful! We love you!) We had such a great time discussing ideas and concepts throughout the planning process - it was really great teamwork.The couple put in so much effort and enthusiasm to ensure the wedding reflected their personalities. We hope the laughter continues right through your golden years!

Karmen & Vincent, January 2012

This couple was like a God-sent to wedding planners! They trusted us completely and were opened to our ideas and recommendations. We truly appreciate that they never doubted the fact that we had their best interest at heart. Our team is really thankful for your kindness and generousity - especially always ensuring we are well-fed (talk about putting on weight during the wedding planning period for us!!). Both the couple's parents were angels too. So understanding and so easy to work with. We wish that happiness stays with all of you forever!

Samantha & Gavin, Mac 2011

We had not met such a courteous and appreciative couple and this extends to their families as well. This was a destination wedding where every single vendor was rooting for the couple to have an absolutely great outdoor wedding! We even prayed together for the rain to go away! They were a real joy to work with and Samantha particularly was such a darling! Thank you, thank you for trusting us in the entire planning and on behalf of all the vendors involved – thank you too for the ang pows!

Adelena & William, Feb 2011

The couple was so organized and prompt in their decisions, it made our planning job such a breeze and allowed us more room and space (and time!) to focus on the creativity implementations of the entire wedding. Occasionally, when we get a bride who is sure and prompt, it is like God-sent. Even their guest lists and final seating plans were confirmed 5 days to the wedding day without any last minute changes. Truly refreshing! Well, admittedly, we also had absolutely so much fun planning and creating their personalized wedding theme. For that - we thank YOU both for giving us the creative freehand and entrusting your wedding of a lifetime to us!

Ben & Clarine , July 2010

This couple had 3 receptions and throughout the entire months of the wedding planning, we felt like we were planning the wedding of a best friend instead! They were so adventurous, so opened to ideas and it being destination weddings, they were so quick to adopt the "go-with-the-flow" attitude. From Avatar to Alice to Trishaws, thank you for the experience and thank you for the friendship too!

Hui Lin & Juangti, June 2010

We always love seeing guests immerse themselves in the entire wedding celebration - and this bunch here certainly did! They were jiving and shaking their booties bare-footed on the green, grassy lawn area and we found ourselves swaying our hips too! Couldn’t help it! The wedding was so simple and so enjoyable, and the best part of it was - the endless Thank You’s which we received and the endless "Well done to your team!" - we were literally on a high by the end of the night! Thank you to you both for your trust and for all the laughs we shared throughout the planning period!

Philomena & Paul , April 2009

This couple was special to us because we will always remember the bride for her trust and her “thumbs-up” sign. A bride, who saw us frantically sorting out the chaos created at the venue just hours away from the wedding and instead of freaking out, she laughed and gave us the thumbs-up instead! Her absolute 200% trust in us was amazing and we thank you for that. In fact, that simple gesture motivated us to sort everything out for you with 200% of our hearts too! We had fun, fun, fun .

Karl & Kheng, bride & groom, April 2007 (based in USA)

We only met the couple for the first time during the wedding in Kuala Terengganu. More specifically, at the resort. We were hired over the email, we were fully paid before the wedding took place and all details, approvals, decisions were based on email correspondences. Not to mention, the couple kept well with our deadlines. The result of this trust and understanding – a breakthrough wedding in Kuala Terengganu with new concepts and new ideas introduced to the state. We moved away from flower arches, used cinnamon chair back decor and transported cupcakes for the cake-cutting all the way from KL!

Shahliza & Iwan, bride & groom, July 2007

Talk about tall. They towered above us, but never once did they make us feel small. She was a bride who was absolutely simple and it translated to the ease of wedding planning for this couple! This would be the first time our confirmed wedding day itinerary was approved 3 whole weeks before the wedding day! Not just that – when the couple had no fuss, no frills about their wedding – what materializes really is a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all their guests with good food and the day being short and sweet.

Lara & Aiee, bride & groom, July 2006

An absolutely fantastic couple with an equally fantastic family. Never once were we treated as a supplier of service, always as an equal despite the family’s background. The attitude of the couple and all family members are surely a genuine example of how Malaysians are Malaysians – cutting through and above the racial divide. For that, we gave it our entire all. On top of that, they were bold and ready to explore new colours to give the wedding a WOW factor. The outcome? A contemporarily decorated wedding with a bright & bold colour! And what’s more? The entire family is great with handicraft work! Saves a lot of money Oh, did we mention we also got J Lo and Manbai to perform at the wedding?

Lynn & Christopher, bride & groom, March 2006 (based in Europe)

The bride who was willing to play “bad cop” during the wedding planning process (and remains an avid e-pal up till today). They left everything entirely to us to plan and execute. As with all overseas couple, everything was via email including budget approvals. Managing a wedding of this scope needed a lot of advanced planning and they knew better than to fool around with the deadlines we had set! We planned & also co-ordinated over 200 guests from all over the world to get to Langkawi, answered questions from first-timers to Malaysia and arranged for accommodations, transport and travels. What we got were three receptions where everyone had a fabulously good time.

Sherry & Hisham, bride & groom, June 2005

A bride who knew exactly what she wanted – which made our jobs a lot easier. They listened to logic and explanations when something was not feasible and again, treated us as a friend more than merely a supplier of service. What we got was a black-tie wedding without the fuss of protocols or over-the-top decor. For being such a great couple – we even arranged for their monograms (which we created for them specially for their wedding invites) to be used during their arrival at Langkawi airport! Guests didn’t have to search for where their airport transfer was going to be!

The old adage goes as such – “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. We know & understand that having accepted your payment, we are responsible in putting together the best wedding possible for you. And with you working together with us will surely ensure a smooth journey and a fabulous wedding day. See you soon.

Thanking Our Partners

Although the wedding planner really does plan and co-ordinate the big day, apart from them, there are a myriad of supporting vendors that complete the wedding day. These are people we know, whom we trust fully to provide the best quality of product or services to our clients and people who at the end of the day, are also friends. Just for a moment imagine using an irresponsible vendor – we are almost the first to be blamed! Therefore, it is appropriate for us to give our thanks to these people who helped us get where we are today.

To all our partners & vendors in the wedding industry – thank you for going through the thick and thins with us. Above all, thank you for understanding the very simple fact that our reputation is as important as yours and striving to provide the best for all our clients. Also, thank you for understanding that we are always at the forefront of demanding clients and giving us the support needed to make every wedding a success. Cheers and looking forward to more.